About Shuki (Joshua) Stauber

About Shuki (Joshua) Stauber

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An author, researcher, consultant, journalist and senior lecturer in the fields of management. Shuki Stauber has published 14 books and hundreds of articles.



Nowadays working on book dealing with the new workers unionizations in Israel




Shuki Stauber has written twelve books on the subjects of management and career ('Books'), all published through various professional collaborations.


After the publication of his first book, ‘From Teva to Check-Point’ by ‘Yedioth Aharonot’ publishing house, Stauber published ‘Drushim’ (which deals with employee selection & recruitment in Israel) with Pilat group and the books ‘Who’s the Manager Here?’, ‘The Job – Yours!’, ‘Outsourcing’ (in collaboration with EDS, Flying Cargo, Manpower and Albar), 'Customer Service' (in collaboration with Cellcom, Discount Bank, Visa Cal, Samlat and the Department of Technology and Logistics in the IDF), ‘Lawyers and More’ and 'Magia Li? (which discusses employees’ rights in Israel). His ninth book, "It's Not Just the Money(in collaboration with Motorola, ECI, Bank Hapoalim, Multilock, Clal Insurance and others) deals with employee management in quality organizations.


Stauber’s tenth book, ’I, the Brand!‘ (in collaboration with Mizrahi-T’fahot Bank, Home Center, The Yellow Pages, Maccabi Health Services, Tzomet-Sfarim and others), deals with Israeli marketing strategies and their implementation.


Written in rhyme and radically different from Stauber’s other books (in format, though not in subject matter), ‘Start’ includes illustrations depicting the start of a young man's career.

 A new edition of ’Drushim‘ (see survey in English(, which now includes case studies from Intel, Google, Rafael, Strauss Group and more, was published on 2013


His book (together with Avigdor Zonneshain), 'From the Concorde to the Iron Dome' (deals with technological systems management), a collaborative study with the Gordon Institute – "The Technion", was published in Hebrew (2014) and in English, by WILEY publishing house, under the name: Managing and Engineering Complex Technological Systems (2015).

During the years 2014-2015, he has lived in Berlin conducting a research in cooperation with the Technion's Neaman Institute on the immigration of Israelis to Berlin. Based on the findings of the study a book will be published on 2017 (with the publisher "Yediot books").

Nowadays working on book dealing with the new workers unionizations in Israel 


Stauber’s books are available for purchase in book stores and appear on the reading lists of many an educational institution.


Consulting, Research and Expert Opinions 


Shuki Stauber has spent three decades developing the wide array of consulting and research services he offers executives and private individuals, in both the private and public sectors:

1.       Organizational and administrational consulting;

2.       Work relations management;

3.       Expert opinions;

4.       Personal consulting for executives;

5.       Career consulting.



Lectures and Training


The academic manager in training programs at most of Israel’s universities and many of its colleges, as well as a lecturer in high demand in his fields of expertise, Shuki Stauber possesses many years of experience in the instruction and training of managers.




As a writer, Shuki Stauber has and continues to write for most management magazines in the country. For years, he has written and edited the ‘Management’ section for economy newspaper ‘Globes’. In recent years, he has been writing a column entitled ‘Management’ for the economy section of YNET ('Articles'), and additional columns for the magazines 'Status' and 'Management'.

Many of Stauber’s articles can be found in other media, such as TheMarker, Calcalist, Walla!, Business, Wikipedia, etc.
(Articles) (in English)


Shuki Stauber is often interviewed for written periodicals as well as electronic media (see 'Video' for TV interview) on the subjects of management, career and employment.


Shuki Stauber has a Masters’ degree in Labor Studies from Tel-Aviv University.





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